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Aluminum Bronze Flange

  Aluminum Bronze Flange
With excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum bronze is used for making wearing-resistance and malleable shaft sleeves.

Type grade: AB1, AB2, C95800& C95200 etc.

Nickel Bronze Casting

  Nickel bronze castings are used when corrosion–resistance & high strength is required. Nickel bronze castings are suitable for hardware fittings including window latches & hinges in all construction areas with costal humid climate. Nickel bronze is also used in producing spark free fittings and sea water applications.



Manganese Bronze Casting

  Manganese bronze is a copper alloy mixed with a certain proportion of manganese, zinc, aluminum and iron. This type of alloy castings has the characteristic of good wearing resistance, high intensity and plasticity. Manganese bronze are suitable for corrosion resistance castingproducts,such as propellers, large bearings for slow moving but heavy loads as in mining equipment, marine components.

Typical Grade: C86500 etc.

Leaded Gunmetal Casting

  This is the most widely  used bronze. Has good  general properties which  cover most applications.  Because of it's widely use,  it's also the most cost effective bronze. Some uses of this material include hand wheels, valve body& components, pump cases & impellers and general engineering components when a bronze is required.
Typical Grade: LG1, LG2 or C83600 etc. 

Silicon brass alloy


Silicon brass alloy has high mechanics performance, fine wearing& corrosion resistance. Low-lead silicon brass is increasing widely used in water-treating equipment, valves and pipe fitting. Low-lead silicon brass alloy with silicon proportion around4.5% processes cold endurance.
Type: C87600.


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